The M3 Podcast With Dr. Paul Osteen

The M3 Podcast With Dr. Paul Osteen

The M3 Podcast With Dr. Paul Osteen

A conference to mobilize medical missions around the world

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In this podcast episode, Dr. Paul Osteen and guest Natul Middlebrook, Executive Director of HandUp Global Ministries and the HUGG Mission Market, discuss the purpose and the philosophy behind Fair Trade. Natul says, “We believe in the power of giving people living in impoverished communities a hand up and not a handout because we’re looking for sustainable solutions. I like to tell people, no one ever climbed out of poverty with their hands out and open. We do it through innovation, ingenuity and a strong work ethic.” Listen to learn how the HUGG Mission Market creates a unique missional experience that invites shoppers to take part in fashion that fuels social change in under-resourced communities by purchasing products crafted in these communities. Visit for more info.

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