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Healthcare Rap is the leading podcast about consumer innovation, a.k.a. how the frontiers of digital, retail, and direct-to-consumer health affect everyday people. It ranks in the top 5% of all podcasts globally, has been named a Top 20 Healthcare Podcast, and is one of the longest-lasting shows in the industry, with more than 300 episodes and 6 years on the air. 

Join provocative thinkers Jared Johnson and Zain Ismail as they profile disruptors and trends that are impacting the everyday consumer experience of healthcare. 

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This bonus episode is part of the Greatest Hits collection — episodes from the past 6 years that are just as relevant today. It originally aired in January 2021. 

Jared and Zain discussed about how it’s challenging to design effective customer experiences when no one owns the process. Then they went deep on why digital teams have struggled to adopt service design standards and how to evolve, and dropped knowledge about having a garage full of Ferraris, the three concentric circles of service design, and managing results rather than platforms. 

This show is produced by Shift Forward Health, the consumer advisory firm that partners with you to operationalize consumer-first health. (#334) 

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