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Immerse yourself in Blu Rose, a captivating podcast that transports you into the artistic universe of creators, curators, designers, and researchers - featuring both human and non-human insights. Join us as we uncover the fascinating interplay between art, science, technology, and meaning. Brought to you by the imaginative team of Taguhi Torosyan, Knar Khudoyan, and João Tenera.

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🌈 Celebrating Pride and Defending Rights! 🌈

In this special episode of the Blu Rose podcast, we had the honor of speaking with Harmik Mackartoomian, founder of Diaries Event and Artist Management Platform, and Communications Manager at Poligraf Club. Together, we explored a pressing topic: the recent police raid on Poligraf and the incredible response from the rave community in defense of their rights and freedoms.

With unwavering determination, the passionate community united as one. Through protests, media outreach, and demands for the club's reopening, their voices resonated powerfully. This response sends a clear message against any infringement on counterculture, embracing values of unity, togetherness, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Poligraf Club's reaction to the raid reaffirms their commitment to providing safe spaces for cultural and societal transformations. Going beyond societal norms, they offer a creative haven for artists and warmly welcome diverse communities, including the LGBTQ+ community. Their resistance challenges oppressive regimes, as the assault on the club becomes an attack on the very essence of dance and music – universal symbols of liberation and self-expression.

The resolute response from the community emphasizes the importance of advocating for human rights and fostering unity and solidarity, especially during Pride Month. Harmik shares his inspiring thoughts on refusing to succumb to fear instigated by the government, highlighting the power of collective action. Their unwavering determination to protect their safe spaces and fight against oppression showcases their dedication to the cause.

To prevent future incidents, Poligraf Club is taking proactive steps to educate the public about the significance of cultural institutions like theirs. They strive to cultivate inclusivity, freedom, and understanding. Harmik emphasizes the need to recognize and value these spaces as community assets while advocating for their rights and freedoms. Together, through ongoing mobilization, mutual support, and active resistance, we can shape a brighter future for Armenia.

During this Pride Month, let's celebrate by standing up for the rights and freedoms of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Together, through collective action, resilience, and unwavering support, we can create a world where everyone can freely express themselves and thrive. 🌈✨ #PrideMonth #DefendingRights #UnityInDiversity

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