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Las Mejores Canciones de Electrónica

26 julio 2021
Break Through cover
1. Break Through
Timothy Whitelaw
Deep Night cover
2. Deep Night
Infraction Music
Colombia National Anthem Himno Nacional De Colombia cover
3. Colombia National Anthem Himno Nacional De Colombia
Z Digital
Come 2Gether cover
4. Come 2Gether
From Our Youth cover
5. From Our Youth
Be Still the Earth
The Vindicator Waltz cover
6. The Vindicator Waltz
Himno de Colombia cover
7. Himno de Colombia
Generic Old School cover
8. Generic Old School
DJ Maze
Rise of the Titan cover
9. Rise of the Titan
Titanium (feat. Sia) cover
10. Titanium (feat. Sia)
David Guetta
Richy Richy cover
11. Richy Richy
Deorc Decuple cover
12. Deorc Decuple
Counterfeit Medicines cover
13. Counterfeit Medicines
Henny Arve
Your Woman cover
14. Your Woman
White Town
dominique cover
15. dominique
Ela Minus
Sophia cover
16. Sophia
Flamenco Electronico (Flamenco Mix) cover
17. Flamenco Electronico (Flamenco Mix)
Pac-Man Theme (Remix) cover
18. Pac-Man Theme (Remix)
Breathe (feat. Angela McCluskey) cover
19. Breathe (feat. Angela McCluskey)
New Day cover
20. New Day
Yes cover
21. Yes
Cara De Gitana cover
22. Cara De Gitana
the Janitor
Wrong (Deep Dish Remix) [Edit] cover
23. Wrong (Deep Dish Remix) [Edit]
Everything But the Girl
Marvin cover
24. Marvin
What You See Is What You Get cover
25. What You See Is What You Get
Brenda K. Starr
Sweet Lavalamp cover
26. Sweet Lavalamp
Sam Paglia
I Like The Way cover
27. I Like The Way
Man On the Run cover
28. Man On the Run
Dash Berlin
Soft Drink Jingle cover
29. Soft Drink Jingle
Sam Paglia
Equinoxe, Pt. 2 cover
30. Equinoxe, Pt. 2
Jean-Michel Jarre
Walking On a Dream cover
31. Walking On a Dream
Empire of the Sun
Axel F cover
32. Axel F
Harold Faltermeyer
It Just Won't Do (Remix) cover
33. It Just Won't Do (Remix)
The OtherZ & Jess Benevides
Let Me Hit It cover
34. Let Me Hit It
Track 4 cover
35. Track 4
SG Lewis
Silent Morning cover
36. Silent Morning
EE.Oo Mercury cover
37. EE.Oo Mercury
Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing) cover
38. Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)
Fred Again
Tá Trancada cover
39. Tá Trancada
Aleteo Beatz
Glitz at the Ritz cover
40. Glitz at the Ritz
Jules Gaia

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