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Las Mejores Canciones de Alternativa

08 agosto 2022
Network Protocol cover
1. Network Protocol
Isaac Larson
Despertares cover
2. Despertares
Code Blue cover
3. Code Blue
Ethan Sloan
Comeback King cover
4. Comeback King
Warner/Chappell Productions
Mysterious Forest cover
5. Mysterious Forest
Howard Harper-Barnes
Safe and Sound cover
6. Safe and Sound
Capital Cities
Amor y Control cover
7. Amor y Control
Rubén Blades
Creep cover
8. Creep
The 30th cover
9. The 30th
Billie Eilish
TV cover
10. TV
Billie Eilish
Chevaucher cover
11. Chevaucher
Bonnie Grace
In Between Days cover
12. In Between Days
The Cure
Suéltame, Bogotá cover
13. Suéltame, Bogotá
Diamante Eléctrico
Believer cover
14. Believer
Imagine Dragons
Floating Down The Silent Stream cover
15. Floating Down The Silent Stream
Thunder cover
16. Thunder
Imagine Dragons
Demons cover
17. Demons
Imagine Dragons
Gloria's Jungle cover
18. Gloria's Jungle
The Lightning II cover
19. The Lightning II
Arcade Fire
Black Hand Blues cover
20. Black Hand Blues
Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton
Video Killed the Radio Star cover
21. Video Killed the Radio Star
The Buggles
Always Alright cover
22. Always Alright
Alabama Shakes
Karma Police cover
23. Karma Police
Camaleon cover
24. Camaleon
Rubén Blades
Wish I Knew You cover
25. Wish I Knew You
The Revivalists
Amanecé cover
26. Amanecé
Nuevas Músicas Colombianas
Resistance cover
27. Resistance
I Can't Stay cover
28. I Can't Stay
The Killers
Sit Next to Me cover
29. Sit Next to Me
Foster the People
Basket Case cover
30. Basket Case
Green Day
Personal Jesus cover
31. Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode
Starlight cover
32. Starlight
Smells Like Teen Spirit cover
33. Smells Like Teen Spirit
Las Batallas cover
34. Las Batallas
Café Tacvba
Hasta Mañana cover
35. Hasta Mañana
Raices Ancestrales
Reflejo cover
36. Reflejo
Smile cover
37. Smile
Wolf Alice
Tongue Tied cover
38. Tongue Tied
Come As You Are cover
39. Come As You Are
My Universe cover
40. My Universe

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